How the elements of astrological signs help psychics.

What your astrological sign says about you.


In astrology, groups of signs share certain characteristics that define the person who was born under it.  They are classified according to the four earthly elements. Those being earth, air, water, and fire. Obviously, these represent different emotions, feelings, and behaviors. Astrology uses these elements to It helps explain why some signs are more compatible than others. Psychics use them to help guide you to choosing a more compatible mate.


Let us look at each sign:


FIRE – The light in our lives


Those who are born under the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fire people often associated with being leaders. Just like a real flame, fire needs air to grow. Therefore they are mostly compatible with partners who fall under the category of air people. Water and Earth are elements that put out the fire. A relationship under these conditions may fizzle rather than sizzle.


Now you are starting to see the pattern, that mediums do.  It is really not that hard if you try.


AIR – We need to breathe


Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra are the Air Signs. They are said to be the most creative and can breath a spark into any flame. Because they are so curious, it is hard to keep them grounded. They need to fly free but can also be carried by the rain, so Water signs do sometimes work for them.


WATER – Life itself


Emotional, lively and an integral part of the earth, water signs like Cancer and Scorpio are crucial for Earth’s existence.  They need one another to create growth.


EARTH – How everything Grows.


Without, Air and Water, nothing on the Earth would grow.  Luckily for Taurus , Virgo, and Capricorn they are compatible with most signs. Water is necessary for the Earth to grow things, earth helps water to contain itself and fire often regenerates the earth.  However, be cautious because where there is fire there is always a great deal of damage before things improve.  If you can wait it out, the regrowth will be amazingly fresh.


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