Why should I get advice from a Phone Psychic?

Generally speaking, I had it good. I was holding down a solid $50,000 annual salary job, I liked my coworkers and I lived in a great apartment.

  • Yet… I could not help but think something was wrong.

When I would get home from work, crack open a beer, and turn on the TV, it would hit me. A sort of dread that whispered the thought, “Is this all there is?” I thought the voice in my head was telling me that I had been single too long. So, I started dating again. To my surprise, my first date was a keeper and we ended up getting married a year later. 

  • Not long after, the voice came back.

It didn’t have anything to do with my spouse. I was happy and looking forward to having children and building a family. But still…what was I missing? It was an emptiness that made me feel unhappy despite my success. It didn’t take long for the important people in my life to notice. My mother suggested I go to therapy, but I didn’t think that was the right path for me.

My Introduction to Mysticism

A very good friend of mine suggested that I talk to a medium. At first, I kind of laughed and told him that sounded too “New Age” for me. He laughed back and told me that it is, but he thinks it would help. I didn’t agree, but I did consider it. The final decision came when my wife started encouraging me to do it.  She said she had been using one for years, and at the very least it helped her to talk with someone.

I used google and found a service that suited my needs. The first session we had was what my spiritual advisor called “Design the Alliance.” It lasted a little over an hour.  We talked about my goals, my self-worth, and my physical and mental state. It changed my life! Her questions were so focused on me and I got answers that it surprised even me.  

No, it wasn’t what I thought either.  I was kind of skeptical thinking someone with a crystal ball was going to be looking into my future.  In fact, it is more like counseling than anything heavenly.

Why do I need a psychic?

For example, I hadn’t realized assisting a coworker on a personal matter bothered me. It wasn’t helping my career, in fact, it was destroying it. She encouraged me to stop helping and break off the relationship. It was toxic and extremely negative. I had no idea what an energy drain that was on my mind and my life!

Helping someone who is sucking the life out of you is not good for either of you, she explained. It makes you resentful and causes unnecessary stress.  Everyone knows that stress is not good for the soul.  It doesn’t take a psychic to tell you that, she joked. 

The Benefits

Now, a year later, I can’t believe the difference this has made in my life. The pessimistic voice that used to nag me is gone. My life has purpose and meaning, and a huge improvement in my self-worth and self-esteem. My wife tells me that she loves the change in me, I seem happier and more content.

I also have a much better work-life balance. This has given me the free time to pursue things that I thought I was “too busy” for. One of those things was to train for a marathon. I ran my first one six weeks ago!

Why does Guidance work?

I tell everyone who asks that it helped me gain clarity about my life. A perspective from someone outside your normal circles is invaluable when you feel lost or stuck.

The only thing that I stress upon if you want to be successful is to find the right person for your needs.  For example, some are not available on a constant basis and book appointments. This is not very practical for someone who needs instant answers.

Cost may play a huge factor in your choice. It is unrealistic to think that you can hire someone like Tony Robbins to assist you if you aren’t wealthy. But, there are telephone psychics who charge a small fee for advice. This might be a better choice for someone with limited income.

Be sure to research before you make a choice so you do not end up in a more stressful place than you started.  Insight is a wonderful thing, it can be a terrible thing if you don’t get the right advice.