.Parapsychology encompasses a broad range of abilities and belief systems. Most of which revolve around psychic abilities and life after death phenomenon. The major difference between parapsychology and other fields of psychic belief is the fact that parapsychology utilizes the scientific method in order to demonstrate the existence of psychic abilities as well as life after death phenomenon.

Specific areas of study of parapsychology include:

• Clairvoyance – obtaining information about events or places through methods not understood by current scientific methods
• Hauntings – a phenomenon that is mostly attributed to those that are deceased
• Telepathy – the transference of thoughts and/or feelings between people without using the five senses
• Precognition – perceiving future events before they occur
• Psychokinesis – the ability to influence time, matter, energy or space through methods not understood by current scientific methods
• Reincarnation – the rebirth of a non-physical aspect of human consciousness, such as the soul, into a new body

UFOs, astrology, paganism, Bigfoot, alchemy, vampires and witchcraft are not.

Numerous private laboratories as well as some universities throughout the world, including the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia and the Veritas Laboratory at the University of Arizona, regularly conduct research in parapsychology. This research may involve the use of random number generators, sensory deprivation and more. The results of this research is published in journals and magazines specifically geared toward this special area of the sciences as well as in some mainstream journals. If you want to experience the power of parapsychology for yourself, contact one of our gifted psychics today.

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