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Life Lessons I’ve Learned From My Psychic Advisor

Not all live psychic services are genuine. In fact, many of them are the complete opposite. Psychics can tell you some pretty crazy stuff. They will do this to get more money out of you. It is true that sometimes you catch one on a bad day. Having a bad day is no excuse to run a scam. Scams are rampant in the spiritual world. They know some clients will pay big bucks to have their deepest secrets validated. They use fear and intimidation tactics to get something out of you. These are the ones who are not mature enough to know how to do things the right way.

Five Things to Be Aware Of:

1) Do not believe them when they tell you someone close to you has a curse. And especially, when they ask for money to remove the curse. This is a scam. Too often, this is a common practice. Evaluate the person before beginning your online session. Any true spiritual medium will gladly answer your questions. Do some investigating. It is amazing what you can find out with just a quick search. Anytime online psychics mention that you may have a curse on you, it is best to stay clear. This is just to try and scare you. They obviously are fakes.

2) Refuse to fall for the “you are going to die at such and such a time and age”. Again, this is just a sign that they are untrustworthy. The person is using fear tactics to try and make you spend money to find out the answer. Real online psychics cannot predict when you will die or how. Only the universe knows for sure. This is a power not even the strongest psychic can tap into.

3) Never believe it when any medium or psychic tells you to push someone aside for your own personal gain. This is not only untrue but also harmful to your sense of being. It will only set a bad precedent in how others see you. You do not have to sell your soul for some business deal. Any psychic who tells you this is scamming you. It is fraud, plain and simple. Unfortunately, online psychics are famous for this sort of fraud. Always be weary of this type of bad advice.

Choose Wisely

4) Some mediums will tell you a relationship will not work out. This may or may not be true. Take a look at the relationship you are currently in. Believe in what the two of you have. In many cases, the psychic who tells you this information is just trying to prolong the session. This is fear and fraud all in one swoop. Generally as a rule, if the person you are talking with is positive and has some vital spiritual information to give you, then you can believe them.

5) When I first heard of this type of tactic, I became angry. Apparently, some psychics will tell you that your children will not outlive you. This is crazy. There has to be some medical proof to back up such a statement. This person is trying to scare you again. Never take anyone’s word as gospel, always use common sense.

Sometimes you have to make mistakes with the bad energy before you can move onto those who put out genuine and positive energy. Sometimes you have to learn the hard way. I did. But the good news is that some genuine and helpful online services do exist. The key is to find them.

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