In order to fully understand the meaning behind numbers and how to interpret the results, it is important to consult with someone that is knowledgeable in numerology and is capable of interpreting the number as a whole as well as its digitized sum. If you are ready to find out what your numbers have in store for you, contact one of our gifted numerologists today.”
Numerology is a system that involves using numbers to make predictions and to identify trends. By examining the relationship between numbers, living things and physical objects, a numerologist can identify patterns and make certain predictions based on the patterns the numbers present.

A variety of different numbers may be used in numerology in order to make predictions and to identify trends. One of the most common numbers used by numerologists is a person’s birthday, though other numbers may be used as well.

In order to make use of these numbers, the numerologist uses a system referred to as digit summing. In digit summing, the numerologist adds all of the digits of the number and repeats the process until only one digit is left. When using the number 1975, for example, the numerologist would add 1 + 9 + 7 + 5, which would equal 22. The numerologist would then add 2 + 2 in order to come up with the final number of 4.

Each number has a unique meaning in numerology.

The most commonly accepted meanings of various numbers include:

0 – All or absoluteness
1 – Individual or aggressor
2 – Union or balance
3 – Communication or neutrality
4 – Creation
5 – Restlessness or action
6 – Responsibility or reaction
7 – Thought or consciousness
8 – Power or sacrifice
9 – Completion.

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