What Are Clairvoyants?

Let’s Unravel The Mystery of Clairvoyants

A clairvoyant, or “one who sees clear,” is a person that is capable of gaining information about an event, a person or an object. By using senses other than the five we all recognize. Like the sense of tasting, smelling, touching, hearing and feeling. Most people are born with a certain amount of clairvoyance. But the majority of people lose their abilities as they grow older. And succumb to what society thinks is “normal.” Fortunately, a select few people have been able to maintain their clairvoyant abilities. To get back in touch with them so they can share their gift with others who are seeking answers.

In many cases, a clairvoyant will use certain tools or stimuli to help them harness their abilities. Some may use celestial bodies to provide them with guidance. While others may use tarot cards or numerology. Still, others may actually use one of their six senses to help them unlock their clairvoyant abilities. These clairvoyants go by many different titles.


Clairsentience – uses feeling and touching to obtain a vivid picture in the mind
Clairaudience – uses hearing and listening to hear in a paranormal manner, which allows the person to hear tones, voices or noises that are not perceptible to others
Clairalience – uses smelling to acquire psychic knowledge
Claircognizance – involves simply knowing something without knowing why or how they acquired the information.
Clairgustance – uses the ability of taste to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual world without actually putting anything in the mouth

Clairvoyant abilities have become so powerful and respected that both the United States and the Russian government used the skill to help them during the Cold War. In addition, 26% of people in the United States reported believing in clairvoyance and its capabilities. If you are ready to gain insight with the help of a gifted clairvoyant, give us a call today and learn more about what tomorrow holds.

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