Cheap Phone Psychics

5 Things You Never Expect From Cheap Phone Psychics

Cheap phone psychics are popular these days. Many people like them because the alternative is too expensive. Many people who consult a live psychic believe they can ask them anything. This is not true. There are things you should never discuss with a psychic, much less ask them to give you a definitive explanation on. Remember, you are asking them for help, not the other way around.

Take a Leap of Faith

1) Never ask cheap phone psychics let alone any type of live online psychic if they can see spirits. Though this is a question that interests many people. It is not that it is a bad question to ask. The issue lies in the importance of the question. For many psychics, there are far more pressing details to get on with.

You will find this kind of attitude with cheap phone psychics too. Your session needs to focus on gathering details on the issues that really matter. Only the most experienced of psychics and mediums have the ability to tap into these realms. Their heightened senses allow them to feel the presence of spirits.

2) How many of you have said, “if you are really this good, how many fingers am I holding up?” Do not lie. I know many of you have. These types of questions are nothing more than parlor games. A true psychic will consider it disrespectful and not at all amusing. The point of contacting a spiritual guide is to gain insight into your life’s journey. There are more pressing issues with your life. It is your money you are spending on the phone. Make the most out of it.

3) Can you really help me out with all my problems? I tend to shake my head on this one and I do not make my living as a psychic. It is sort of like stating the obvious. It is best not to. You would not be there if you felt otherwise. Let us move on.

You Can’t Expect Miracles!

4) Can I get the winning lottery number from you? There are two things wrong with this question. First of all, there is no such thing as luck with the lottery. More psychics would be coming into lots of money if this were the case.

Furthermore, and more importantly, life has better means of attracting wealth. The chances that anyone can predict you winning the lottery are astronomical. Asking this question to any psychic will only lead to disappointment. It is also not making the most of your time.

5) Can you tell me when I will die and the cause? Not only is this not a good thing to think about, but it will only hold you back in life. Your soul’s birth and death are in the hands of the creator. The universe takes care of this. Only the universe knows when your time is up. True psychics do not have the answers to these types of questions.

Most genuine psychics and mediums do not like to dwell on this kind of subject. They know all too well the negative effects it can bring. Only the ones who seek to scam you will bring this up. A true professional will bring up the afterlife when asked, but not in a way to scare or demean you.