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Astrology is a belief system that is close in apperance to astronomy. It relies on the positioning of celestial bodies in order to make predictions and provide guidance. They think “by looking up, I see downward.”  The sky provides answers to the questions we have here on earth.

There have been literally dozens of different forms of astrological tradition over the years, with many dating back to ancient times.

The most common astrological traditions followed today, however, include:

• Chinese Astrology
• Electional Astrology
• Horary Astrology
• Horoscopic Astrology
• Indian Astrology
• Western Astrology

Each of these astrological traditions has a long history of successful use. And thousands of people have used these various traditions to help them lead a happier and more fulfilling life.

While each of these traditions varies slightly in how they began, they base themselves on the positioning of celestial bodies. As well as their relative positioning to each other. These bodies include dwarf planets, astrological planets, stars, asteroids, hypothetical planets, lunar nodes and Arabic parts. Celestial patterns are also studied in order to interpret the messages being provided by the sky.

Astrology mostly focuses on general trends and developments rather than making specific predictions. This is accomplished by studying the ongoing movement of planets and interpreting the significance of this movement through space. While at the same time, also using astronomical data and applying it to special astrological tables referred to as ephemerides. Are ready to let the sky help you make better decisions in your life? Then give one of our gifted astrologists a call.

What the stars have to tell you.

An astrologer is a type of psychic that uses astrology to help make predictions or to provide guidance to a person in search of answers. An astrologer may use a number of different factors to help you in your quest for knowledge. But relies mostly on your horoscope. There are several different astrological traditions, such as Chinese astrology and Western astrology. From which the astrologer may draw in order to provide you with the most accurate reading possible.

Your horoscope is determined by your date of birth. Taking a closer look at when and where you were born. By interpreting the celestial points and the location of the stars at the time of your birth. The astrologer is about to gain a better understanding of the type of person you are while making predictions about your future. Therefore, when you call one of our astrologers, you will only need to provide information about your birth time, date, and place in order to receive the guidance you seek.

Astrology Gave Counsel to The Powerful

The art of astrology dates back to Mesopotamian times, during which time Babylonian astrologers advised those who were in power about major occurrences such as war and famine. With the help of these astrologers, those in power were able to make better decisions for themselves and for their people. It was out of their desire to learn and make predictions from the stars that the Babylonians developed a system for mathematically predicting the locations of various celestial points and ultimately gave birth to the science of astronomy.

Today’s astrologers continue to work with the science of astronomy to help them locate celestial points, which aids them in making predictions and providing guidance to those looking for life’s answers. If you are ready to learn more about what the stars have in store for you, call one of our gifted astrologers today.

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